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Ann McHugh


Weight Lost - 34 lbs

Hi there my name is Ann Mc Hugh. I’m from Greystones Co. Wicklow. Since my early 20’s I have always battled with my weight. Like many I have been a member of so many weight loss groups down through the years, but I was always like a yoyo! Down one week up a bit the next and that seemed to be the pattern! I was at my heaviest at Christmas 2018, where I had only 2 tops to fit me with leggings. I felt very low and my self esteem was shot, I didn’t want to go out socialising as i felt ashamed of my weight gain. I was also going through the dreaded menopause. I had certain food addictions and secretly ate chocolate at night for comfort. I was in a very bad state health and mind wise.

I met a very good friend shortly after Christmas for a meal and few drinks and as she walked into the room I said WOW because In just a short space of time I noticed she had lost a lot of weight. She then proceeded to tell me about the Bodyslims slims programme she had followed and lost 2 stone in 10 weeks. I decided there and then I was signing up for the next online course starting the 16th January ‘19. My starting weight was 13stone 1 pound.

I listened to Gerard every morning and found this short seminar a great motivator to set me up for the day. He says if you do as I say you’ll get the results! There’s no gimmicks! I found the food part of the programme very easy to follow as you are given menues, and food plans to follow. It’s all natural foods that you can buy anywhere. The best part of the programme for me was that Gerard sorted my head out as regards food addiction and triggers that would make me want to eat treats. I would live for the 1 hour weekly seminar on a Wednesday evening. I really looked forward to his inspirational words of wisdom. He has a very special way of getting into your head and helping you believe that you don’t need these types of foods. I can’t really explain how! All I know is it has worked!! I still hear him saying the words. Stop feeding your tongue and feed your body!

I haven’t felt this good in a long time. How did I do it??? I did exactly what Gerard told me to do every day for 10 weeks. I was down a whopping 34pounds! He asks you to write down what you expect to achieve after 10weeks. I wrote that I wanted to feel healthier and fitter. I have achieved that 100% and some! I have minimal menopause symptoms, the night sweats have almost gone and I put it down to the healthy eating and no rubbish. I also used to suffer with bad reflux and that’s gone too! I started my maintenance programme and I’m down another 5 pounds in the last 4 weeks. I’m out socializing every weekend and living life again. I still walk my walk 5 out of 7 days and stick to the programme Monday-Friday and treat myself a LITTLE, at the weekend. I can’t praise this programme enough and it’s empowered me to live my best life! I feel a million dollars! I have a large wardrobe now of clothes that fit me! My problem now is what to wear as I have so many choices!!

My weight today is 10 stone 4pounds. I was a 16-18 in clothes and now I’m a 10-12!! If you feel like you need a change to kick start your weight loss and life again I highly recommend this Bodyslims Programme! Best of luck.

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34 lbs

2 stone 6 lbs