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Weight Lost - 57 lbs

My good friend and I hadn't seen each other in a few months and decided to catch up for dinner one evening at Xmas time. We decided to meet in a local restaurant for a nice meal.

So I arrived first. As I sat there waiting, a familiar woman walked through the front entrance of the restaurant smiling directly at me. It was a bit weird because I didn't know who she was.
But she kept staring and smiling back at me. Then I realized...It was Paula She looked so different.

She looked absolutely stunning!

After she sat down and we caught up over some delicious food and coffee, she oddly leaned closer and lowered her voice. She opened up about her rapid transformation.
She spoke of this method that she randomly discovered from an old coworker of hers.

I'll admit... about two minutes in, I was sold. Although it sounded too good to be true at first, it made a lot of sense. Because she looked so amazing, it was proof enough for me to take what she shared seriously.

So... I signed up to the next online Bodyslims course in January 2019 I mean I did everything without missing a step.

Well, it worked! Not in a sort of ... kind of way either.
My health improved dramatically and the changes I experienced happened so suddenly.

Probably the best decision I have ever made. I guess it's why I still can't stop thinking about that special day.

I've got my confidence back, I feel alive again, and I'm proud of who I see in the mirror each morning when getting dressed.

Something my friend shared with me, that was shared with her, ended up breathing new life in both of us.

These days, my family and friends are always asking me what I did.

I'm going to tell everyone out there that it's going to work for them the same way. If you do what Gerard tells you when he tells you

We're all on different journeys in life and some may not be in a place where they really want to change.

But if you're willing to play full on and follow this simple method step by step, you may just alter your life completely.

I wish everyone reading this love and best wishes.
I am living proof that Bodyslims really does work

Dare to Dream

Ann Mc Hugh


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57 lbs

4 stone 1 lbs