Ann-Marie Murphy

Location - Douglas, Isle Of Man

Weight Lost - 32lbs

I started at 189 pounds in January and I am now down to 149 pounds against all the odds. During my first program I was recovering from a broken wrist which I sustained from a fall off my bike at speed. My wrist was broken in three place, one of which is not healing. I had to have surgery for one of the other breaks and intensive physio. But my point is; I did the best I could during the first program and I had my arm in a sling while walking to help with the pain. I also had two molar teeth out as I had a cyst in one which was getting bigger and affecting nerves on my face and I got dry socket in the other. Nightmare.

During this most recent program I have had to have yet another molar tooth removed this week and now I am recovering but each time I walk my mouth fills with blood so I have to take it easy. I also have to have very painful physio on my whole body as my torso twisted during my fall causing damage to my back too.

I think my point here is that I did listen to Ger and I absolutely did do the best I could on any given day and despite all the odds being against me I have managed to lose 40 pounds so even though I was never able to give the course 100% I did give it MY 100%.

I have already signed up for January 2023 and I cannot wait. I would like to lose another 21 pounds and I am of the opinion that surely nothing else can happen to me now.

I am looking forward to starting the new year with Bodyslims again and I want to say thank you so much for everything you have helped me with in 2022. I am still sane despite all the knocks I took and that was, I feel, because of the course.

Kindest regards

Ann-Marie Murphy

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