Andrea O'Keeffe

Financial Controller, Cork

Weight Lost - 47lbs

Hi All, Two courses under my belt! I am beyond delighted, I can't thank you Ger, Sharon and the Bodyslims family enough. 

I have battled with my weight for about 15 years and this is the first program that I have committed to 100% and have consistently lost each week. I have learnt so much about myself, this has been such an amazing journey for me not only with the weight loss but also the positive impact on my everyday life. I have signed up for the September course to lose the last 10lbs, add in the exercises and get into the maintenance zone under Ger's watchful eye!

I went to my GP last October for a check up, my weight has been up down, up down and up again but over lockdowns and migrating to WFH , my daily bad habits were cemented, and a daily routine of "treating myself" developed! I had no energy, no gust for life, I had no self-esteem, no confidence and I welcomed the lack of social events as I did not want to go out, my circle dwindled to a few amazing friends that I felt secure with as anything outside of this caused me tremendous anxiety, throw in peri menopause and it was a perfect "weight increase" storm.

At my GP visit  I raised the concern about my increasing weight, I was more than likely pre-diabeitic and once the blood results were returned it was confirmed that I had high cholesterol, my GP said that a few of her patients had great success on a weight loss program that didn't just concentrate on food but on the mindset, and this is where I first heard of Body Slims. I went home and googled, and was so disappointed to learn that the next program wasn't until January 2022, and my ID kicked in (not that I knew what it was back then!), sure what's the point in that, it wasn't meant to be for you, so forget about it. But it was always on the back of my mind, and I saw an ad a few months later, and just signed up! And it was the best spur of the moment decision I have ever made. 
The knowledge I have gained is actually unbelievable! My fecker of an "ID" has screwed me up big time and I have given into it again and again! But no more! The understanding I now have of how my brian works and the decisions I make (even though I used to blame others or my shitty story before) is mind blowing. The habits I had become a prisoner of are no more, after I was able to understand them and abolish them I then began to work on creating new beneficial habits. Your on-line Lions will gladly tell anyone and everyone about your amazing life changing programme, I know this term is thrown around a lot but Body Slims is truly life changing. 

I am ME again
I am confident
I've found a renewed love for life
I absolutely love clothes/fashion again
I am exciting and grateful for each and everyday
I am happy and healthy both physically and mentally 

Sign up, commit 100% and you will become the puppetmaster of your own wonderful new life.

My top tips:
1. Do what Ger says When he says it
2. Watch the weekly seminar (do not listen you must watch) even repeaters this is so important
3. Read the testimonials, and read them again and again
4. Give 100% each day do not do a pick and mix, this works so just do it
5. Be honest with yourself, dig deep no more excuses no more shitty stories, this is your chance to change your life grab it with both hands

Pics  are from my 50th July 2021, pics from a wedding in July 2022 (my dress up day!)
From a very grateful on-line Lion, I cannot thank you enough the testimonials helped me so much and it would be a privilege to be alongside all the other amazing stories.

Andrea O’Keeffe

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