Addrianna Doyle


Weight Lost - 91 lbs

Now I know it's not exactly glamorous but this image probably means more to me than any glamorous shot so I thought I'd share it with you.
As you know I have spent all my life either overweight or obese until relatively recently and because of that summer was always a huge struggle for me. 
 I know that some overweight people will happily wear summer clothing and think nothing of it but I always carried a lot of shame around my weight and exposing myself in shorts and string vests was not an option for me. 
Trying to find summer clothing that both covered a multitude but didn't make me look like I was wearing a tent was always a battle that I mostly avoided, I relied on rotating a couple of well worn outfits for the whole summer and I dreaded the season for that reason. 
Yesterday I had a little personal victory when I reminded myself that I am now nearly 6.5 stone lighter than I have ever been in my life and went and bought myself shorts and a T shirt in a size 10! 
It may not seem much to some but in my head its a massive personal victory that I thought I'd share.
Wishing everyone happiness with their own personal victories along their own weight loss journeys.  

Regards to all
Addrianna Doyle

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91 lbs

6 stone 7 lbs


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