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Can Technology Help With Weight Loss?

Mar 22, 2021, 12:15 PM by Sean Tinkler



When quarantine restrictions were put in place in early 2020, people were suddenly confronted with their sedentary lifestyles, whether it was the abrupt incapability to go to spinning class, or just the pressure to improve one’s overall health. Sales of exercise equipment went through the roof as people decided that being forced indoors by a raging pandemic was the motivation they needed to get into shape. Without gyms or a physical trainer, we looked into other ways to seek encouragement. Enter the pandemic lifesaver: technology.


From education to exercise, technology, in many ways has become a great equaliser. It’s allowed for an age of no excuses, an age when you can work out any time, in any place, and at any pace.


How exactly does technology motivate us in our weight loss journey?


Easier access to information


From metabolic rate and macros to healthier recipes and fun workout videos, the internet just makes everything within reach. There’s no need to drag yourself out of bed and into the gym, and pay exorbitant membership fees. 


Looking to get into a fitness programme? Finding some guilt-free, healthy recipes? All we need to do is research online and the answer is at our fingertips. There is a downside to all this connectivity, however. Unlimited access to information also means that people enjoy that same endless amount of freedom to contribute to that data. It’s spawned fake news, pseudo-expertise, sham schemes.


In fact, in one The Guardian article, which explores the myth of detox fads, Peter Ayton, a Psychology professor at City University London, noted that the masses are prone to being fooled by gimmicks because “we live in a world with so much information we’re happy to defer responsibility to others who might understand things better.” He added: “If it seems reasonable and plausible and invokes a familiar concept, then we’re happy to go with it.”


Another downside of the internet is social media itself. While you might be able to find new mates to accompany you through your fitness journey, you are also opening yourself up to detractors. A study published in the North Carolina Medical Journal revealed that social media has been proven to affect mental health—from the positive, such as humor and creative expression, to the detrimental, such as magnified peer pressure and cyber-bullying


Thus, it is imperative to exercise caution when it comes to, as we used to say in the ‘90s, surfing the web. Make sure to always do your due diligence and perform background checks. We’re talking about your health! You can never be too careful. Check testimonials, history, reputation. Legitimate enterprises like BodySlims have many satisfied clients that can attest to its credibility and effectiveness.


Increased accountability

Remember when food journals were all the rage? Noting down your diet was not only effective for weight loss and physical health, it also led to some very good habits. Some apps act as a digital journal to some extent: they take note of your food intake, water intake, calories burned, heart rate, and more. They log everything you did and did not do as well as the food you did and did not eat in a specific time span. Seeing it all in one tabulation makes you responsible for your actions.


A pedometer, for example, keeps a record of the steps you’ve taken in a day. Realising you’ve only done 200 steps by midday is an eye-opener that pushes you to get off your chair and run up and down the stairs. There are also apps that monitor calories and will make you feel conscious about that second cupcake.


Thanks to the benefit of hindsight, seeing your past decisions laid out in front of you makes you think about your next ones.


Oversee your progress


Whether it’s for weight loss or weight gain, anyone who’s been on the path to health understands the impact of results. See, there’s really no end goal to fitness and the ride to being fit is difficult to get on but easy to get off. This kind of lifestyle isn’t a walk in the park and to keep motivated, we need to be able to see that we’re going somewhere.


Wearable tech, such as smartwatches, help you stay on track. These all-in-one gadgets manage to offer you everything you’ll need to monitor your health—giving you access, keeping you accountable, helping you stay focused on your goals.


Here are some examples on how technology has helped us get into better shape:


1.      Smartwatches


Watches do more than tell time these days. Smartwatches can track steps, monitor sleep, record heartbeat, and adjust depending on your workout. You can even install notifications and alarms so you won’t renege on your physical objectives.


2.      Weight loss apps and websites


Fitness companies have invested in tech as well. Their websites are often designed to address your physiological issues. Such online portals are available 24/7. BodySlims, for example, allows anyone with a goal, regardless of geography, to sign up for their 10-week journey. This consists of motivational seminars, complementary diet plans and exercise programmes, as well as coaching and discussions on how the human body works. Its holistic approach to health—targeting both the mind and body—makes it a practical fitness solution for everyone.


3.      Tutorial and motivational videos


From boxing to yoga, there are many ways to go about working out. Proper form is also very important. If you want to do circuit training, you need to know how to go about it. Online videos help teach you what to do in lieu of a coach. It also gives you access to a variety of exercises in case you get bored.


Apart from regular workout videos, make sure to check out motivational clips as well. Like we said earlier, it’s not enough to step on a treadmill and run. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is as much a psychological game as it is physical. You will occasionally need a hand up.


4.      Connect with fitness and nutrition experts


Being online links you to all kinds of fitness and nutrition experts, and you’re sure to find a regimen that will work for your lifestyle and body type (both of which are considerations when coming up with a workout plan). Besides, these apps are already normally equipped with its own set of coaches, trainers, and specialists.


5.      Social media communities


In the good old days, gyms and exercise centers were a great area to build friendships, but what about now, the age of data and screens? Social media communities fill that void. These online groups connect you to like-minded peers, share tips, and generally empathise with each other. 


In BodySlims’ Facebook page, for example, there’s a wonderful sense of camaraderie, where followers are able to exchange ideas. Its Live Q&As are an open forum that offers an opportunity to discuss important issues related to fitness.


How does the BodySlims app and portal help you on your weight loss journey?


Perhaps one of the easiest bits to love about BodySlims is how seamlessly it’s able to convert its impressively comprehensive programmes in a mobile setup. However, it bears saying that the key difference between BodySlims and other weight loss companies is its approach.


Fitness is a long and difficult journey—and somehow the people in charge of BodySlims remembered this when they designed their programmes. All of its packages are not simple uploads of exercise videos and a list of things to eat. Broken down into weeks, the regimen is also equipped with encouraging short videos from co-founder Gerard Moran for the beginning and end of the day, humorous but nonetheless stirring quotes, a focus-oriented mantra, and a rocking song of the day. There are also weekly seminars that last about an hour. These break down important concepts, such as the science of metabolism, which help you understand the process of weight loss—and why there is no quick solution.


Clearly, BodySlims fathoms—and aims to emphasise—that this is a lifestyle. But it also reminds you to have fun.


Fun tasks that will keep you fit and motivated


Here are some of our favorite features:


1.      Chat with the coaches


Have a question? Coaches are just a message away, available for a fitness query or just some encouraging banter.


2.      Watch daily motivational videos


The uplifting Moran is exactly who you need when you require a light nudge or a pat on the back. Whether it’s cutting back on your calories or doing an extra lengthy walk, you can do this!


Listen to weight whisperer Gerard Moran’s words of wisdom


3.      Be part of a community


There’s a benefit to having a workout partner. With BodySlims’ close-knit online community, you get that benefit many times over. Registering into one of their programs offers you a built-in support system bonus!


4.      You won’t feel food-deprived.


BodySlims gives you a calorie allowance that you adhere to. Similar to a food journal, you log in your meals (including the intermittent sneaky treats) and it computes the calories you consume and reminds you how many more you have left to enjoy. It helps you become accountable for your habits.



No depriving yourself of food


Recipes are also available in the portal to help you begin and maintain a more sustainable diet.


So, what are you waiting for? With BodySlims’ easily available fitness portal, you can get healthy now! It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. 

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