Meet the BODYSLIMS Team

Sharon Tinkler

The course facilitator is Sharon Tinkler.

Sharon is the founder of Stepping Out which went on to become the largest dance fitness company in the British Isles. Sharon devised the incredibly popular Salsa Slims program which has had over 70,000 members in Ireland alone over ten years.

She has made numerous TV and radio appearances and been the subject of many newspaper features on matters relating to fitness and health. Sharon is the people person, meet her once, you have a new best friend.

Sharon in her own words

“I like helping people, I always have it’s just how I am. I studied dance after I left school and was always involved but it wasn’t until I started Stepping Out that I actually gave up the day job.

Stepping Out was an incredible adventure, great customers and great staff. If I’m to be honest though it probably grew too big too fast. It became all consuming and from my own point of view I became a full time business woman. That wasn’t a roll I particularly enjoyed, I missed the interaction with the customers. In many ways when the down turn came I was actually relieved. I’d taken it as far as I could and wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

But I’d seen the positive effects of weight loss and realized maybe for the first time just what an effect being overweight actually has on people. I knew I wanted to help people to make a difference. Now it was just a case of persuading a reluctant Gerard to put his incredible talent to work with a programme specifically aimed at weight loss”

Gerard Moran

“The Weight Whisperer”

A continuous stream of consciousness delivered at break neck speed. He doesn’t so much solve your problem as leaves you asking: Problem? What problem? Welcome to Gerard’s world!

Unique insights based on unique experiences. Gerard is regarded as Europe’s Premier Peak Performance Coach. He makes weight loss simple.

Gerard has spoken to over 100,000 people with his keynote ‘Stepping Out of Your Shadow’ Seminar. He devised the Body Slims program specifically to meet the growing demand on his other programs for those who wanted to lose weight.

Using many of the same methods as used on his award winning motivational seminars, the Body Slims programme is proving there is another better way to achieve real and lasting weight loss.

He turns the way we think on it’s head, removes the blockages and makes the previously bewildering blindingly simple. And has you laughing at yourself most of the time.

Gerard in his own words

“ When Sharon asked me to put together a programme specifically for weight loss I was reluctant. Not because I didn’t think I could put a great programme together or because I didn’t want to help people but because I hate the weight loss industry. I think it’s full of flawed thinking and down right deceit. And I was concerned about guilt by association.

But Sharon persevered (she’s very persistent) and finally I consented with a couple of caveats.

1. I would develop the best programme on the market not the one with the best business plan for growth or scalability. I just wanted it to be the best weight loss programme, period.

2. It had to be affordable to as many people as possible, not an elitist high price programme available only to the wealthy.

3. It had to be a format men would feel comfortable with

4. It had to be built around the blocks of successful weight maintenance. I‘d long ago realized that weight loss was only the first problem, weight maintenance was the bigger issue.

It’s fair to say at this stage the Body Slims Program has achieved everything I wanted it to. Results that amaze even me. And as a surprising side note, I really enjoyed it. It brought me back to my earlier days. Not everybody gets to do what they love doing. I’m one of the few who can honestly say I do. And I’m grateful for that everyday.”