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John Ryan

Sales Centre Manager

Weight Lost - 56 lbs

I joined BodySlims in September 2016. I had faced up to the fact that I was not going to achieve any weight loss goal alone. After trying and failing at other programmes I ignored my problem for a very long time. Living with being overweight is not only unhealthy, it’s esay to do, easy to ignore and the availability of bigger clothes accommodates this dangerous lifestyle.

BodySlims has saved my life. It begins and ends with that statement. Ger and the team are the most amazing group of people. They are supportive but direct, helpful yet challenging. While understanding my weight, and the loss that came with BodySlims, I learned not to be controlled by the number on the scale. There is no other programme out there like BodySlims, there is no other person who will help you to understand your goals better than Gerard Moran. One of the hardest things to do, is to try and explain it, so I won’t.

It’s not a diet, it’s not an excersise plan, and it’s not forever. If your reading this, you’ve already been privileged enough to hear about BodySlims. If your reading this, and you feel like there is no way out, that you will be overweight for the rest of your life, then pick up the phone, send an email or contact them on Facebook.

This is the one they will talk about in years to come, this is the one that works, this is the only one you need to know about. Find your motivation, for me it’s my daughter’s, I need to make sure I’m around long enough to give them a healthy life, and I could not have done that without BodySlims. Dare to dream Regards JR.


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56 lbs