John Murphy

TV scriptwriter, Carrickmines

Weight Lost - 56 lbs

It is hard to imagine that anyone was as cynical as I was the first night I walked through the door of Body slims. I had spent a lifetime in the TV and Media industry and had seen and heard every self sustaining quick fix and marketing ploy in the game. Yet something had brought me here; and since there were no instruction or diet sheets, no public weigh in or showboating or self-righteousness pontification, the least I could do was listen.

So I did listen and since September 2018 until March, 2019 as I write, I have lost 60lbs. But that is not even the half of it. One week at a time I took back my own sense of self worth, control of my life and when people began to notice the dramatic difference I couldn't even explain what 'Diet' I was on. I wasn't on a diet, I had set out on a path to reclaim myself from the parts of me that had given up, 'settled' for a version of myself that wasn't true. I listened, I took the action and it worked because I believed it.

These are big claims and I don't wish to cheapen them with flowery language or market friendly embellishments so all I can do to try and explain as simply as possible why this was so successful for me.

Bodyslims is the truth. A truth that stands any test, a truth that is not always easy but one that stripped away all the things that made me feel less than I am and reminded me that I can be so much more.

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56 lbs

4 stone